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Bussed Out!?#$%, the first Queerposium
(click poster for large version/printing)
At 10 a.m. on November 24th, our adventurous passengers will board a big accessible school bus for a daylong event of engagement, discussion and involvement in queer community.  ‘Bussed Out’ will proudly travel the city in full regalia stopping at LGBTTIQQ2SAP spaces, services, and organizations all over Victoria.  At each stop participants will be oriented to the space and then a workshop, discussion presentation or spontaneous event will take place.
Throughout the day, both on and off the bus, the activities will invite us to consider our thoughts, feelings and perspectives about being queer and how we relate to the larger community.  We will explore themes of diversity and inclusion, apathy and barriers toward building queer community. The Bus Stops include; basements and bathrooms, forests and fountains, lunch rooms and classrooms, and more!!

On Nov. 24th…
•    Dress up and help Queer up the city!
•    Lunch is included
•    and there are stops along the way for those who are tardy and want to catch up.

Bus Fare: Suggested $25 (Sliding Scale, no one turned away due to cost)
We will be meeting at Centennial Square. Centennial Square is the block between Douglas and Government and Pandora and Fisgard Streets

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