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Queerposium is the brain child of the now defunct Creating Connections Social Group. CC was a monthly LGBTTIQQ2SAP social meeting open to all ages, genders, orientations and cultures and their allies. For a number of years we met every 19th of the month at the AVI office in Victoria, BC. Unfortunately Creating Connections closed its doors in 2013 within the year of our last Queerposium event.

Queerposium however lives on. Queerposium made up of a different adhoc group that forms to produce each individual event. We strive to bring together queer and trans folk from all walks of life to engage in community building activities that range from discussion, workshops, presentations, meditation, small group activities and socializing in an inclusive atmosphere.

A bit about us:
• We acknowledge that we are on unceded Coast and Straights Salish Territories, Lekwungen and Songhees Homelands.
• As a group we encourage inclusive, cross-community engagement with a ‘play while learning’ attitude.
• We’ve committed to functioning under the safer spaces guidelines which can be found Here.
The most important of which are;
-Assume positive intent,
-Be aware of and respect your own boundaries and those of others,
-Be gentle with your reminders and ‘corrections’ and
-Participate in creating and maintaining an open and engaging environment.
• We are pro-accessibility, our events are held in accessible spaces with gender-neutral single use washrooms.

Our first event Bussed Out!?#% (Nov. 24th 2012) happened both on and off a wheelchair accessible bus that toured a number of queer and queered spaces in the City of Victoria. Lunch was included and the day opened and concluded with a heart circle type ceremony on the bus, invoking an atmosphere of forgiveness, and inviting us all to care for ourselves and to care for each other (Thank you Metta). You can look up Bussed Out in the archive Here and/or you can see part of the opening in this video post:

Our second Queerposium event Gender Ryder was held on May 18th, 2013. Gender Ryder included an opening ceremony with Bill White, Coast Salish elder (Cowichan-Nanaimo) followed by a handful of short workshops over the morning. Lunch, provided by Food Not Bombs, overlapped with some bicycle decorating and then we took off on a Big Queer Bike Ride landing us at the Empress hotel (see the group photo) for some human croquet – somewhere between Alice and Wonderland and just plain Queer Empress lawn takeover. We then reconvened at the New Horizons hall in James Bay to debrief and pool our ideas for future Queerposium events. Gender Ryder pages including the full schedule, are also in the archive Here.

Queerposium group photo
If you have any questions or concerns about Queerposium please email us at: hello@queerposium.org

Follow us on Twitter: @queerposium
Like us on facebook: facebook.com/qweerposium

We look forward to meeting you at our next event.

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