Safer Spaces Guidelines

This is a direct copy (with their permission) from ‘s safer spaces guidelines, thank you Homospun for all that you do and for writing these so succinctly. : ) We’ll be at your next dance!!!

Like Homospun, Queerposium is working to create safer, anti-oppressive spaces.

Please be mindful of the following guidelines while you participate in our events:

  • Respect your own physical, mental and emotional boundaries
  • Please communicate your needs and speak up if you are uncomfortable
  • Remember you are welcome to take space away if you need time alone/away/quiet
  • Respect the physical, mental and emotional boundaries of others – ask for consent before engaging in physical contact
  • Avoid making assumptions about the identity, experiences, and/or histories of other people
  • Respect the confidentiality of information and narratives shared with you
  • Remember, everyone makes mistakes
  • Try to speak with “I” statements and avoid personal attacks when communicating with others about mistakes they made
  • Assume that others are acting and speaking from a place of positive intent
  • Be aware of the impacts of your own behaviour and take responsibility for what you say and do
  • Be open to being approached and talked with if you make a mistake
  • Remember that we are gathered to share an open and engaging environment

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