The Line Up Bussed Out

It’s gonna be good….

Throughout the day there will be activities both on and off the bus, all travel time will be engaged. Travel Time will be guided by Metta and other Creating Connections regular members!!
There will also be literature from a number of queer services and organizations available at AVI over the lunch break and a video booth will be set up to record participants’ feedback and reactions to Bussed Out!?#%, Queerposium 2012 and all your fabulous ideas and suggestions for the next Queerposium, coming up in May of 2013.

The Events:
Guided Winter Wonderland Walk at Beacon Hill Park With Diana Kuch
Join Diana Kuch, Wild Food Forager, Folk Herbalist and Comedian. Enjoy the outdoors as you learn to identify ten edible wild plants that will nourish heart, body and soul.
PLUS, Bonus Herstory Lesson-
“Beacon Hill Cave Women and the Woody: An Erotic Foray into Pre-historic Group Processes among Lesbians (and Their Influence on Modern Culture)”

What to bring:  One sweater more than you think you’ll need, perhaps a notebook and for sure, your sense of humour. 

Sexual Outlaws and Rent-a-Gays
Enter into the labyrinth of bushes and bears, twinks, tweekers and curiosity seekers. Robert Birch, coordinator for the Men’s Wellness Project for AIDS Vancouver Island will facilitate a conversation around outdoor sex, STI’s and reluctant viral hosts. Together we will follow rabbit trails into the natural underground world of where men have sex with men. We may pick up a few things along the way…

Queering the Transman – visible and in visible with Tryce BLion
A brief discussion on style, some open dialogue about grace, mannerism and the evolution of transmen style. Tryce will also explore subjects like voice, tone and passing. Open to questions thoughts and discussion. Tryce BLion is a visible person. Visibility is what makes Tryce who he is. A community activist, musician and a Transman. He is motivated by making connections and bridging with minds and hearts alike.

“Str8 acting…masc only…jock/bro types…no asians…”
Ever read an online profile that told you that you were not good enough? Are these really just preferences? Victor Huynh and Tyler Morden, students of the UVIC School of Social Work will open up and share their stories around sexual preferences in their worlds of gay hook ups and dating. Come share laughs, tears, eye rolls and whatever else you feel while exploring these ideas with us!

Big Queer Flash Mob
Unfortunately Rebecca Van Sciver who was to run this workshop has hurt her back and won’t be able to join us 🙁 but there will be a dance break with a raft of gay anthem dance songs in place of this workshop.

Creating Connections
The day will wrap up with a version of our Creating Connections heart circle.

The following queer organizations will present short orientations over the day;
Camosun Pride with Daphne Shaed, Pride Director of Camosun Student Society.
SPARC – The Sex Positive Art and Resource Centre with Dr. Captain Snowdon, counselor and educator.
AVI – Aids Vancouver Island with Robert Birch coordinator for the Men’s Wellness Project at AVI. – A queer positive website, home of The Queer Story Archive with Lulu Laru, Project Founder.

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