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24oct24gayharleyguyGender Ryders Queerposium 2013 Line up:

Welcome and Opening Prayer with Bill White, Coast Salish elder (Cowichan-Nanaimo). First elder of Tsowtunlelums’ LGBT Program, White has worked with traditionally trained elders since the mid 1970s.

Queerposium Organizational Group Welcome, introduction of the Safer Spaces Guidelines and the recipe for the day.

Reconciliation and Decolonization
Presented by Jeremy Jones together with a team of Resolution Health Support Workers and sponsored by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada(TRC). The group will outline their work with the TRC and the Indian Residential Schools Resolution Health Support Program and present an overview on how to be a good ally in the process of decolonization.

All Genders Queer Swing Workshop
Presented by the All Genders Queer Social Dance Learning Collective.
This is a beginner East Coast Swing workshop, covering a few basic moves. Each participant can choose whether they would like to lead or follow.

Lunch: Food Not Bombs will be serving A vegan, gluten free, peanut free, lunch in the park adjacent to the venue. Ingredients lists will be provided. In cases of severe allergies; nuts and gluten have been used in the kitchen where this lunch was prepared but they are not ingredients in the recipes.

Introduction to your queer organizations: (During Lunch) Sponsors and other queer and trans positive organizations and supportive groups are invited to introduce themselves over the last half of lunch.

Dress up your bike: The South Island Pride Centre has put together a Tickle Trunk of fun things for you and your bike to dress up with. Prizes for the best dressed bike.

Queering The Streets Bike Ride: Leaving from the New Horizons Centre the bike ride will go through Cook Street Village, James Bay, and into the inner harbour where we will have a public performance moment ‘a game of queer croquet in the inner harbour’ in honour of International Day Against Homophobia. Bike Ride will return to New Horizons Centre.

Closing: with Robert Birch, William White and Jeremy Jones. Reconvene at the New Horizons Centre for closing comments, discussion and heart circle.

Of Note:
Through the process of booking the city-run space for our event, the City of Victoria prevented the New Horizons Centre from temporarily designating their washrooms ‘gender neutral’, as we had requested, for the day of our event. We eventually paid extra rent to book the entire facility so that the centre could be closed to the public for the day – the washrooms could then be designated gender neutral for the Gender Ryders Queerposium 2013 event.

There will be an opportunity to express your opinions about this and about gender in general during the event. Your (anonymous) comments will be incorporated into the closing discussion at the end of the day.

After Party at The Ledge from 5pm


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